COI Services

Beyond Easy Move is a fully insured moving company that boasts extensive experience in obtaining Certificates Of Insurance (COI) for our New York City clients. We’re confident in our ability to provide coverage for even the most complex building management requirements.

Our competitive flat fee already includes your COI, and we take care of the entire COI process for you. We’ll send you a COI Request, which you can then forward to your building. Once we receive their response, our COI team will send the appropriate certificate to both you and your building, provided that their email address is included in the sample. Please note that our COI service is available from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.

What is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and why do you need it

If you’re preparing for an NYC move, especially in or out of an apartment building or condo, you’ll almost certainly require a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Building and property management firms in the city demand these certificates as evidence that your moving company is covered, so they are not held liable for any damage that could occur during the move.

The COI process is a meticulous exercise, including details such as the exact location you’re moving to or from, the coverage provided, and how it should be employed. Some buildings may even require you to submit your COI before approving your moving day and elevator booking. It’s crucial to select a mover with the expertise and dedication to guarantee that everything is handled correctly, giving you confidence throughout the process.

Simple COI process & steps

  • Before planning your move, reach out to your Building Management to check if a COI is required, and ask for any templates and specific requirements. You’ll need to contact both your move-out and move-in building management teams.
  • Share the received details and additional information with your Beyond Easy Move consultant or COI department and authorize them to prepare your insurance paperwork. Each building can have its own preferred COI format, and we’ll take care of the planning work to avoid delays from corrections and changes.
  • We’ll ensure that all requirements are met, including the minimum insurance value and proper timing to ensure the COI is ready well before your move. Our COI team will double-check all details and formatting to ensure that it meets your Building Management’s requirements.
  • We’ll send you a copy of the COI via email for your records and confirm its approval.
  • With your approved COI, you’ll be insured for any accidental building damage that may occur during your move, so you won’t be out of pocket if anything happens.

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Pricing Options

Hourly Rate

Our hourly rate includes labor time and travel time. Labor time is calculated from the start to the finish of the job, including packing and unpacking. Time between two (or more) addresses is still considered as labor time. Travel time is fixed upfront and covers the time it takes for us to travel from our base to the customer’s first location, and from the second location back to our base. Please note that boxes are not included in the hourly rate if packing is needed. 

Flat rate

Our flat rate pricing is based on the volume and complexity of the job,
as well as the distance between the addresses. This includes factors such as special handling, packing and unpacking, stairs or elevators, and extra stops. Our flat rate provides a transparent, upfront cost for your move, including boxes if packing is required, so you can budget accordingly without any surprises.